Summer Camp 2022

Action Items:

  • We will need parents to help by donating their time at Raven Knob. We are required to have a minimum of 2 adult leaders in camp at all times. Please let Katy Burge ( or me know if you will be able to help and what days you can spend at camp.

  • By February 10, let me know if your Scout is interested in summer camp by emailing me and sending me the $150 deposit. You may send the $150 deposit to me via PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo

      • PayPal (look for me at or 704-877-7245)

            • Select the option for sending money to a friend NOT the option to pay for merchandise or a service. Selecting the latter will deduct a fee from your payment.

      • Zelle (look for me at or 704-877-7245)

      • Venmo (@Jason-Bennett-287)

  • By March 10, Scouts should provide course selections to me over the next few weeks using the Course Selection Worksheet. This worksheet is available at the “Forms and Info” link above.

Summer Camp 2022 Details:

Where: Camp Raven Knob in Mt. Airy, NC. (

Dates at Camp: June 19-25 (this is Week 1).

Campsite: We are in Crazy Horse A. This is an Adirondack site on the Ridge. Adirondack’s are 3-walled bunk houses. Typically 8-10 Scouts fit in one Adirondack. Details on the campsite are available here: Campsite is subject to change at the camp’s discretion.

Cost: $345 + any special class fees as noted for some of the courses + an estimated $20 to cover the cost of adult leaders in camp. Note that this is an estimate and will be a function of the number of Scouts that sign up for camp.

Deposits: $150 due at sign up by February 10. This will offset the total amount. Final Payments will be due April 10.

Cancellations: Those made before May 15 are refundable less the cost paid to cover adults in camp. After May 16, the camp also charges a $50 cancellation fee. The camp does describe that refunds may take 2-3 weeks after our week at camp to process.

Forms Required: Due by June 1. All are at a link the link above. Required for both Scouts and Adults.

  • Parts A, B, and C of the BSA Health Form. This requires a doctor’s exam. Forms are good until the end of the 12th month from which they were last completed. Therefore, if parts A, B, and C, of your health form was completed June 1, 2021 or later, it is still good for camp this year.

  • Copy of the front and back of Medical Insurance Card

  • Health Form Supplemental

  • COVID Form

  • Release Form

  • Special Diet Form, if applicable.

Class Registrations: Scouts should have their course selections to me by March 10. I must have the $150 deposit to register a Scout for classes. Raven Knob is using the traditional scheduling approach with 6 class periods per day. This differs from Grimes’ “4 hour block scheduling” last year. The course schedule is on page 27 of the Leaders Guide and details on the classes begin on page 12. Note that some classes have age requirements.

Use the Course Selection Worksheet shared at the link for Forms and Info to fill out and send me your class selections. The class schedule is also available at the link for Forms and Info. Course descriptions begin on page 12 of the Leader Guide. First Year Scouts must sign up for the Raven Scout Program for This program works on Scout, Tenderfoot, and Second Class rank requirements. In fact, any Scouts still working on Scout Rank or Tenderfoot should seriously consider signing up for the Trailblazer program before selecting other courses. There are Adult Leader Trainings and Activities offered as well. These are on page 18. Note that the Climbing Instructor program offered at Raven Knob does not transfer to our council. Climbing training is council-specific as councils have different climbing walls and gear and the training is tailored to those details. Buuuut, it’s still a good time and certainly puts you in a better position to participate in our council’s training.

The Leader’s Guide is at the Forms and Info link above. This brochure has just about everything you and your Scout will want to know about summer camp at Raven Knob, including the courses offered, details on the camp, packing list, etc.. If you have a question, please review the guide before asking.

Camp Forms and Guides