Merit Badges

Citizenship in Society (starting 7/1/22 NEW Eagle required)

Eagle Scout candidates will continue to use the current rank requirements until June 30, 2022 and will not be required to complete the new Citizenship in Society Merit Badge as long as they complete all of the current Eagle Rank requirements before July 1, 2022. They do not have to submit their final Eagle Scout application nor complete their Eagle Scout Board of Review prior to July 1, 2022, but must complete all current Eagle Scout requirements before then.

STARTING JULY 1, 2022, Eagle Scout candidates will be required to complete all Eagle Scout requirements including the new Citizenship in Society merit badge. More info on Council website.

Twenty-one merit badges remain the same to be earned for the Eagle Scout Award. With the Citizenship in Society Merit Badge, the number of Eagle required merit badges increases to 14 with 7 electives.

Citizenship in Society Merit Badge requirements book (pdf)

Sign Up instructions will be emailed from Mr. Bennett

Climbing - troop clinic (March)

When: 3/12/22 (Saturday)

Where: Belk Scout Camp

Details: Limited to 12 scouts.

Climbing Merit Badge requirements book (pdf)

Sign up

Email Mrs. Long and Mrs. Howe

Personal Fitness - troop clinic (March-May)

Required in-person sessions:

  • 3/7 6pm-7pm, and 7:30-8pm Initial Fitness Assessment Requirement 6

  • 3/28 7-8pm

  • 5/23 7-8pm Follow up Fitness Assessment Requirement 6

  • TBD additional meeting 7:15-8pm during a Troop meeting, guest speaker from the fitness industry to fulfill Requirement 9

DUE DATE: May 23 - COMPLETED Personal Fitness worksheets must be turned in by May 23

With spring around the corner and lots of spring sports/activities we thought we would offer The Personal Fitness Merit Badge, Eagle Required. Keep in mind that several ranks also have fitness components that Scouts can use time spent on this merit badge to fulfill those requirements. Scouts wanting to participate will meet PRIOR to a few Scout meetings to work on PF assessments, etc.

Personal Fitness takes 12 weeks to complete, and is a merit badge that like the name is “personal” to the Scout so much of it can be worked on by the Scout on his/her own or with a friend.

Download and print the Merit Badge book. Bring your copy to the 3/7 session.

Personal Fitness Merit Badge requirements book (pdf)

Sign Up instructions will be available in March

Camping - troop clinic (April)

When: TBD April.

Where: During regular scout meetings

Details: Bryan Skelton and Chris O'Neal will be running this merit badge clinic during scout meetings. This is an Eagle required merit badge.

Camping Merit Badge requirements book (pdf)

How to Earn Merit Badges

  1. Pick a merit badge you are interested in. Here is the entire list of merit badges.

  2. Let the Scoutmaster know what merit badge you want to work on and ask for a Blue Card.

  3. The Scoutmaster will ask if you have a merit badge counselor. If you don't have a counselor the Scoutmaster will provide a list of name. You will need to contact the counselor.

  4. Once you have a counselor start working on the merit badge requirements.

  5. After the counselor signs off the requirements on the Blue Card return the Blue Card to the Scoutmaster.

You can work on a merit badge by yourself or sign up with a merit badge clinics offered through various organizations. You always need to get a Blue Card before starting to work on a merit badge.

Merit Badge Resources

Pro-tip: Go to summer camp for three summers in a row and you will earn almost all of your merit badges for Eagle.

The Mecklenburg County Council merit badge page lists upcoming council wide merit badge clinics.

Smoke Signals Newsletter. This is the Apache district monthly e-newsletter. They have a section dedicated to upcoming merit badge clinics. Troop 3 is in Apache district of the Mecklenburg County Council.

  • Online version

  • Email subscription. Send a blank e-mail with subject “Smoke Signals Subscribe” to: from the e-mail address you want subscribed. We do not need any additional information.

Spring Camp - Hold The Date

Spring Camp is an encampment for earning merit badges. This is a council offering. Earn 1-2 merit badges over the weekend.

Where: Camp Grimes

​When: Friday - Saturday - Sunday, April 22-23-24, 2022

More info at